Março 6, 2019





Regulamento do Concurso de Posters



11st Biochemistry Day at UA – 15th May 2019


Biochemistry Contest at UA 2019
 Pre-registration until 12th April 2019


 In the aim of the 11st Biochemistry Day at UA, Bachelor and Master students are invited to present their works related to Biochemistry in the form of a poster, based on the available bibliography and current knowledge or student’s laboratory experience on the subject:


Challenges and Opportunities of Biochemistry
The contest is open to Bachelor and Master students of Biochemistry and related graduations from the University of Aveiro as well as other Universities.
The posters are individual or in group (no maximum elements are defined).
  • The students can participate as authors in a maximum of 2 posters. In case of research projects, the supervisors should be included.
  • Independent contests are established, one for each scholar year.
  • Research Communications and Literature Based Works are accepted.
  • In the case of groups formed by students from the different years, the highest year of the students in contest is considered for all members of the group.
  • The format of the posters is A1 (594 × 841 mm).
  • The posters should be written in Portuguese or in English.
  • The posters will be printed by the Nucleo de Estudantes de Química da Associação Académica da Universidade de Aveiro (NEQ-AAUAv) under a reduced price established by NEQ-AAUAv. Deadline for submission is the 5th May.
  • The posters will be exhibited from 8th May until the Biochemistry Day.
  • The discussion of the posters among participants and with the jury will take place on May 8, from 15h00 to 17h00.
  • Originality, scientific consistency, and written and oral presentation quality are the parameters under evaluation.
  • A pre-registration of the participants is required, and should be submitted at
  • The jury is composed by the PhD students in Biochemistry and by Professors Manuel A. Coimbra, Rita Ferreira and Rosário Domingues, Directors of the Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees, respectively.
  1. A first prize diploma is attributed by the jury to each one of the independent contests, one for each scholar year, if a minimum of 3 posters are presented. This will be included as supplement to the Graduation Diploma if the students belong to the University of Aveiro.
  2. The jury can propose works with Mention of Honor for quality works not classified in the first place.
  3. The Biochemistry Day audience will elect the “most popular poster”.
  4. The authors of all works under contest will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation.
Aveiro, December 2018